Commercial Properties:

Commercial Properties Before and After

These types of properties include the roof, exterior and walkway cleaning of warehouses, medical plazas, office complexes, neighborhood sidewalks, parking garages, shopping plazas, government buildings, hospitals, day care centers, auto dealerships, stadiums, schools, apartment complexes, condos and everything else that is not a single family home. We clean many of these types of structures and all the work that is preformed will always be done in a professionally scheduled professionally preformed and professionally equipped manner that includes all safety requirements and equipment. In some cases high reach lifts are required and in other cases rappelling is the other option if necessary. Our experience with these types of projects far exceeds most smaller companies and there are limits to what we are able to do and if necessary we will refer you to a specialist company that we work with that specializes in high rise buildings anything over 7 stories.

Commercial Properties Before and After Cleaning Commercial Properties Before and After Commercial Properties Before and After